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Exhibition 2017 Home > Shows > Exhibition 2017 > WAHLAP TECH won the annual of THE GOLDEN DIAMOND AWARD

The influence of radiation throughout the country, Guangdong province, the game industry annual meeting on afternoon of January 12, 2017,  and "THE GOLDEN DIAMOND AWARD”  held at flow flower show trade center in Guangzhou. Fang Jianhong director of Guangdong province cultural department, deputy director-general of the Liu Qiyu, Zhao Jitao deputy secretary of municipal party committee propaganda department, the department of Guangdong province, Guangzhou Xu Zu equality leadership, deputy director of administration of social organizations, Guangdong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing, Sichuan and other provinces and cities of animation game industry, and Animation game industry association of Guangdong province and association, Xinhua, People's net, Sina, Tencent game, news, Netease game, Southern Metropolis Daily, Recreational Wind journalists such as more than 300 people attended the meeting.

2016 is the first year of thirteen-five project. According to the thirteen-five project, the cultural industry will become one of the our country economy long-term growth momentum, the game industry as one of the important component, at the beginning of the start also hand over a beautiful score. In 2016, the power shortage in the global economy environment, the game industry in our country has maintained a good momentum of growth, shadow fusion, VR, e-sports game, game live become Chinese game industry's annual hot spots.

In the conference campaign and The GOLDEN DIAMOND AWARD ceremony, our company has won the"Outstanding Contribution Award" 2016 and 2016 "The Most Influential Enterprises".

(fourth figure from left to attend on behalf of our company guests: WAHLAP TECH Vice President Liu Liuying)

Finally take a photo, and thanks to the government of Guangdong province, the game industry association of Guangdong province, expert judges, and the vast number of customers and partners to our support and affirmation. We will continuously forge ahead in 2017 and under the guidance of the association, joint efforts, along with fellow strive forward, create brilliant!

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