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WAHLAP CUP 2015 THE 4TH China Animation & Game Tournament


Organizers by WAHLAP Technology, Taiwan IGS and Japan's BANDAI NAMCO,. Co-organizers by Super Player, Fun Fun City, Molly Fantasy, Cartoon World,City Hero, Wonder Land, Hot Game Club, Avatar Game, Fundo Land, Brilliant Sunshine, Animation Paradise, Game World, Game City, Game Zone, all well, travel and so on all over the country's most famous carnival is the most funny cartoon game experience centre jointly sponsor, comprehensive coverage area and the participation by the largest number of animation games promotion platform, a symbol of honor and authority card, dedicates the top WAHLAP CUP 2015 THE 4th China Animation & Game Tournament, August hot war.
For universal most stimulating and entertainment to create a competitive platform, contains the tournament “MIDNIGHT Maximun Tune 4” and “Hero of Roboits” two projects.


As the No. 1 arcade racing game of the world within the scope of the deserved MIDNIGHT Maximum Tune series since 2003 into China, after 11 years, including enhanced, a total of six generations, has been in China with the largest group players arcade racing and the top event appeal. Its unique six stalls play strong sense of reality, combat skills more collision and combat with his rival. Throttle roar, all players fight desire was lit

MIDNIGHT Maximum Tune 4 once launched, and the continuation of the operation of the classic way for a new game elements, quickly won fans around the globe.
A new session of the national game and tournament will be start. The finals will be at August 29, 2015, Guangzhou. This time, as the MIDNIGHT Maximum Tune 4 shop goods of the country's explosive growth, the area covered by the national tournament, more places, across the MIDNIGHT Maximum Tune 4 players will have the opportunity to participate, the fast and the furious collision, skills and will compete, compete for the supreme of the racing game world, The National Domination 

"Hero of Robots" made by the Taiwan IGS after several years of research and development, since 2011, card update to play 10th, is currently the machine number most in the mainland China area, audience area is the most widely card game, the most abundant children gamers.
Game features the kid's robot is the most attractive elements as the theme, image cool, play to stimulate the easy-to-use, exquisite CARDS. For children has a strong stickiness, but at the same time can be entertaining, in the process of game, can guide the children to learn English words, game entertainment.
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