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    WAHLAP Debit Card System

    Unduplicated Card – Security, Stability & Human nature

    WAHLAP Debit Card System by WAHLAP Technology Group, the research and development team in WAHLAP Technology under the guidance of strategy to develop comprehensive amusement management service level,was founded in 2008 to form a comprehensive recreation management system research and development team.
    At present there are more than one hundred and twenty people, research and development of the team staff fully undertake the Debit Card system development and system application of personalized training and after-sales service support, subject development and management members from KINGDEE system implementation management, service team and recreation center have 24 hours throughout the years uninterrupted service support capabilities, to ensure customer system operation is stable and reliable. Sales have remained stable in the system, sound and rapid growth. And get the trust and support of customers, product sales throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Northern Europe, South Africa, Australia and other countries. Take the market as the guiding, take the customer as the core, starting from the requirement of customers, through market research analysis, through continuous exploration and practice. We do from the amusement playground software development extends to outdoor theme park, shopping mall and the scenic area, entertainment, leisure, shopping and other one-stop consumer IC card integration management system. Looking to the future to diversify into a cross-industry comprehensive ID solution, at the same time we are also for the development of animation industry into a new direction.

    The development course

    1.Debit card system development - research and development team since 2008, through a proprietary which operates more than 30 amusement park management experience for nearly two years, in 2010 formally to market (Debit card system version 1.0) to use andpraise highlyfrom many video game centers and theme parks.

    2.More store centralized Debit card system development - after successfully launched version 1.0 Debit card system, research and development personnel and successfully launched in 2012 has branch to head office unified management function version 3.0, and then developed the enterprise ERP management data combined with the store operation and management of version 4.0 and version 5.0, also get the chain of the user's highly appreciated.


    3.Collectivization, the Debit card system of the formats - since 2013, company continued to enlarge the business, amusement multiple formats, the Debit card system, emphasis to from outdoor to indoor, and support multiple formats operation, fully realizing the function of B/S cloud services access to the realization of the function of integrated management. WAHLAP Debit card system for the future, to business and recreation management demand as the guidance, will always provide customers with safe and reliable information service support as own duty, constantly meet all kinds of personalized customer requirements, together with the customers in today's cross-domain business grow up together in the consolidation.

    System architecture and application environment
    From KINGDEE ERP vendor system, advanced technology, USES the C/S architecture + Microsoft SQL database, using C#.NET, JAVA, VB development language such as platform, combined with the WCF, WEBSERVER development technology, multi-year comprehensive building advanced systems, to fully support the C/S, B/S mode of application, support store retail POS, KTV, restaurant, billiards, chess and other large market integration application.


    System deployment architecture
    Group: the server + data receiving server
    Branch: the server + workstation deployment + the machines,
    The machines operation support TCP, WIFI, CAN model.

    System module - WAHLAP Debit Card System current compose

    Management system
    Basic data management, Membership management, Membership card management,
    Selling currency & tickets management, Self-service ticketing management,
    Sales promotion activities, Exchange of gifts, Gifts of inventory, Check-in passenger flow management, Retail POS management,Cashier management, Membership transitions,
    Upload group, Mobile phone APP query, Wechat promotion machine, Website operating,
    Text messaging, Succession management, Invoicing management, Financial documents generated, Management statement analysis, Pool management, The cinema management, Post allocation, Socket external other systems, Safety management, Group management,
    Tour payment management, OTA distributors, OTA online management, OTA payment, Ticketing management,Tickets for traffic management, Self-service retail management, Inventory management, Terminal credit card of consumption,Integral management,
    Mobile phone APP management, Advance depositsmanagement, Distribution management, Account management, Proof financial management, Credentials management.

    Group system
    Basic data management, set the group members, Store video management, Income data summary, Branch upload Settings, Branch management, Group management, Machine counter
    Extended management system
    KINGDEE financial system, OA system, Attendance system, Invoice system, restaurant system,
    Hotel guests room management system, KTV management system, Canteen consumption system, Parking management, Statement analysis.

    Shanghai Neon Habbo Group Application pattern: Children mall + Theme park management system + Group management system.
    Business background: Group is given priority to with children mall, parent-child theme park business in 2012, in Baoshan, Minhang, Pudong open the amusement theme park, with plans to open 30 in 2015.
    Each branch is synchronous transmission data to the group at present.

    Xinjiang Friendly He Sen Yuan Group
    Application pattern: Parent-child theme park + Commercial POS + Amusement center + Cinema system.
    Business background: The group's before main business for the video game. Shopping malls in nearly two years the development of the leisure entertainment, parent-child theme park + the cinema established several IMAX theaters in Xinjiang, want to be the biggest and best commercial centrein Xinjiang. There are six branches, also have seven branches in the plan of this year.

    POS machine, card sender, password keyboard, card reader, ID card recognizer, fingerprint recognizer, V4 control board, WIFI communication module, CAN communication module,
    TCP communication module, Swing Brake gate,Roller Turnstile,Wing Gate.

    Children's adventure playground system software
    One hour fast system operation training
    Debit card System + member card     
    Roller Turnstile+ fingerprint recognizer + receipts + dynamic photography adventure playground
    System function
    1. Receptionist makes transaction of the stored-value.
    2. The background set meal, implement query data.
    3. The server can record all members in and out of the details.
    4. The group management.
    5. The fingerprint identification.
    Consumption patterns
    1. Membership card consumption patterns: deduct money, deduct time, timer,The month card, year card…..
    2. The fingerprint consumption patterns
    3. Voucher box of consumption patterns
    4. Insert coins consumption patterns

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