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    OFFICER PANGPANG MINI Q   Release                    2014-09-25 Producer                   Wahlap Dimension                1010×1795×1970 Weight                      210KG Power                       500W AC~220V 50~60Hz Monitor Size             26”LCD    
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The player object: Mainly 3 years old little girl [2 ~ 5 years old children] for boy or girl (can take two parent with child / three-four boys or girls).

Concept: Stage for the little girl's machine! For the first time travel the universe! The alien talk with you! With voice function – terror universe sound & lovely cosmic sound - could be replacing! The industry first!
Key points:
1 .In line with the game of the age growth
- Images show without the attack and explosive on education!
- Start from the earth, by Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, playing and learning!
- Children feel no boring and simple operation response.
- How many stars & oil bottles can you pick up to? Pay attention to the obstacles and black hole!
- The alien’s voice will be challenge the heart speeds up in the game!
- After the half part of game have a large number of stars can pick it up!
- Efforts to let children play until the end, will not be bored!

2. Children like the appearance design.
- Children like to ride [goldfish type universe ship].
- 360 degrees looks very beautiful with many LED lights.

3. High safety of the machine design.
 - No sharp corners structure design.
 - Don’t have to worry about hands of the security structure.
 - The height is easy to ride for children. \
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