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  • 七彩魔球英文 单张 拷贝
    COLOR BOYZ   Release                    2013-05-19 Producer                   ANDAMIRO Dimension                994×982×2441 Weight                      182KG Power                       155W AC~220V 50Hz Monitor Size                 
  • 七彩魔球英文 单张 拷贝

Color Boyz GAME SHOW

COLOR BOYZ, is a unique style of single redemption machine, by Andamiro company of South Korean, research and development in South Korea redemption machine has a proud sales on the market, for the new Andamiro star models.
Color Boyz has four features:
1. Look glamorous lighting effects
2. Awards are visible
3. Play simple, suitable for all ages to customers
4. Stable of ticket payout rate
Game shows
Easy and simple play. Push the button, the ball landing to the corresponding area can get tickets. Tickets can be accumulated, the higher cumulative, has more opportunities to gain more tickets, but the system will increase the odds on both sides of the ball fell into the penalty area.
This game is suitable for all ages players, with the machine glaring light, can attract more customers to experience on the machine.
While the machine is a single game, there is no JACKPOT, the highest 1000 tickets for visual. And the award can be double, in fact, is likely to get 2000 tickets, due to challenge the top awards area can be accumulated, so players look very easy to get awards, have a greater chance of driving the players continue to pay for the game, so as to improve the revenue of the machine.

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