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  • 水果屋2英文单张 拷贝
    FRUIT PARTY 2   Release                    2013-06-20 Producer                   ANDAMIRO Dimension                1460×1460×2230 Weight                      350KG Power                       310W AC~220V 50Hz Monitor Size                 
  • 水果屋2英文单张 拷贝

Fruit Party 2 GAME SHOW

"FRUIT PARTY 2" is Andamiro Company of South Korean for new type orbital redemption machine. Fruit Party 2 is upgraded version of Fruit Party. Through the coin down the point card, to obtain the corresponding tickets. In terms of game content Fruit Party and Fruit Party 2 still has a degree of difference.
Fruit Party VS Fruit Party 2
• Fruit Party 2, look more gorgeous and eye-catching
• Fruit Party has plundered JP game playing. Fruit Party 2 is independent reward mechanism, boththose are good game design. Fruit Party can increase the player interaction, and rob stimulation,Fruit Party 2 can guarantee players vote, there won't be the phenomenon of "high-end" bullying passers-by player.
•, Fruit Party 2 relatively than Fruit Party has more easy, more interesting, more rich gaming capabilities.

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