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  • 动物王国英文 拷贝
    ANIMAL KINGDOM   Release                    2013-09-15 Producer                   IGS Dimension                2460×890×2200 Weight                      Master:190kg Slave:180 kg Power                       Master:400W Slave:300W AC~220V 50Hz Monitor Size             42”LCD     /uploadfile/2014/0427/20140427043334850.pdf
  • 动物王国英文 拷贝


Animal Kingdom is a new type of redemption game. By the “treasure box wheel” drop the animal squares design to increase players like to play. And falling on the sunflower get lucky flower gathering concept let players in the game process will be with the feeling of pleasurable anticipation. After collecting full lucky flowers and start the lucky wheel with many kinds of rewards and the promotion of the props of chance, more to make the game procedure full of change and surprise.
Game play introduction: Coin then the player can “start” at the top of the screen's "treasure box wheel". Press the "OK" button can make the "treasure box wheel" stop running, on the wheel corresponds of the animal squares falling on the playing surface. In the process of drop animal squares can be used the push button to move the "treasure box wheel" to right or left, decided to squares off the position.
The game player: 1 ~ 4 players, 42 inch LCD, maximum JP: 1000 ~ 9999 (depending on the average votes decide)

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