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  • 4speed driver 4极速4英文单张
    SPEED DRIVER 4   Release                     2012-9-20 Producer                   IGS Dimension                1000×1738×2205 Weight                      270 kg Power                       520W AC~220V 50Hz Monitor Size             32”LCD    
  • 4
  • speed driver 4
  • 极速4英文单张


4-players, Global online versus
Different scenes in one track
A function which will speed up for the fall behind car
Computer automatic control
Global Battle Mode - Join the Legendary Global Battle! Feel the stunning WORLD FEVER!
Machine Introduction - Machine upgrades, Steering wheel and seat design improvement!
Glamour of SD4 - New tracks, New cars and New characters!
New features of Team & Partner system!
Multi - Vehicles in one card. You can now purchase new vehicles in Tuning shop.
Maximum 6 vehicles available
New tuning products - New license plate & player dress-up of stylish design!
New BGM - Get 3 albums at once! 12 new BGM released!
EX: Determination, Sur les chemin, de la vie, Here I am.
Brand new music designs for SD4!
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