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Founded in early 1990s, WAHLAP is devoted to the development of arcade games with the innovative concept of “Sunshine Culture & Creative Technology”. Over the past two decades or so, WAHLAP has successfully secured its leading position in the domestic market and has developed into a world-class enterprise with global service. It owes its success to its accurate mastery of gaming trends and its advanced R&D technology. In addition, its excellent design ability, outstanding brand management and professional marketing team are also contributing factors. WAHLAP has been granted the top prize for Chinese E-games as an "Outstanding Game Design Company of the Year" consecutively since 2005.

Driven by the International Brand BuildingStrategy - WAHLAP aims to become a globalized company. It has established good strategic relations with many famous local and international partners. Also its products are best-sellers in the global arcade game market. It has become the preferred partner for many arcade game theme parks, large shopping mall and high-end department stores both over the world.

Oriented by original R&D- WAHLAP has been engaged in the R&D of many original animation games. With a great R&D technology and abundant production resources, WAHLAP has set up a diverse and refined chain of game development. Hundreds of senior R&D talents work for R&D department and they have independently developed a 3D game engine to facilitate next-generation cross-platform game developments. To date, WAHLAP has successfully patented many software technologies and have been awarded “Golden Finger” Prize, the top award at the Annual Conference of the Chinese E-game Industry. Original R&D has become the primary source of long-term sustainable competitiveness for WAHLAP.

Focusing on Sunshine Game Culture- WAHLAP advocates a totally new value concept of "Enjoy life with technology". In future, the company will build a sunshine culture creative industry with its original R&D initiatives. It will fully implement new styles, ideas and business models, which will enable global consumers to enjoy life with high technology.

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